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Whole wheat banana pancakes

  • Mash the 1 banana and mix the egg in well then add vanilla essence

  • In a separate bowl mix almond flour, whole wheat flour and baking powder

  • Add the egg and banana mix to flour and mix well

  • Cook in a non-stick pan till the upper side starts to bubble a little, then flip the pancake over

  • Slice the ½ Banana over and top with Pecan nuts and a sprinkle of cinnamon

Makes 2 portions, 4 mini pancakes per portion

40g Whole wheat flour

20g Almond flour

½ teaspoon baking powder

150g or 1 and
½ Medium banana

1 Whole Egg

20g Pecan nuts

Vanilla essence

Nutritional information

(per portion)

Calories    375

Carbs        33g

Protein       9g

Fat             16g

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