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Strong to the Core: core strength workout

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  • Description

    Workout Overview

    Consists of: Warmup, workout and cool down 
    Featured exercises: Lower abdominal exercises, Multiple plank variations, oblique muscle exercises.


    Workout Description  
    - Full Length: 12 minutes 1 round through
    - Days per week: 2 - 3
    - Target Body part: Core
    - Equipment: None
    - Recommended rounds: 3 beginner,  5 - 6, intermediate, 7 - 8 advanced 
    - Difficulty level: 7 / 10
    - Challenge yourself and be safe


    Exercise combined with sound nutritional practices will have you seeing the benefits more. 


    Bonus Gift: 
    -A digital copy of the meal prep guide, Meal Prep Simplified: Strategies for simple successful meal prepping

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