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If you want to release body fat there are two main things that need to be considered, exercise and nutrition. Other factors play a role like sleep, stress levels, hormones and such, and this blog post focuses on fitness and nutrition.


If you find yourself in a position where you are on a journey to release body fat for health reasons or just to feel more comfortable, the focus should be on getting fitter. Getting fitter means being more physically active and engaging in some sort of regular exercise or workout program. When we get fitter, our bodies will become more efficient in using the energy that comes from the food we consume or body’s fat stores to fuel us.

Being fitter or exercising more is not the only consideration when it comes to fat release. There needs to be a combination with a nutritional plan, focused on consuming mostly natural whole foods in the amounts required for your daily energy requirements. Once these two are applied you are more likely to see the results.

What is Fat?

According to the online Collins dictionary, one of the definitions of fat is that one has a lot of flesh on their body and that they weigh too much.

Fat to me is stored energy. If you have excess fat stored on your body, it means that you have excess stored energy. You have just consumed more food than your body needed over time therefore it stored it as fat. Fat plays an important role in the functioning of our bodies such as insulating and cushioning the organs. When it comes to survival when food would be scarce, fat acts as our reserve tank. Our bodies need it in the appropriate amounts.

How does fat get stored?

The food we eat gives us energy. This food is broken down into glucose and used by the body and is also converted into the stored form of glucose which is glycogen. This glycogen is stored in the liver or muscles for use later. When we consume excess calories overtime, and there is no more room in the liver or muscle to store this glycogen, it results in the excess energy being stored in the fat cells. Gradually the more excess calories we consume, the more these fat cells keep expanding resulting in weight gain.

Fat release

Fat release is a term that I have been using lately with regards to losing body fat. Before I would have said fat loss, however when I hear the term loss, it implies that we lost something and want to find it again. Losing something typically has a negative connotation, however in this case, it does not if fat loss is our goal. Just to distinguish that fat release is not the same as weight release. For three simple tips on how to release body fat, see this video from the MMB Lifestyle YouTube channel.

The opinions stated in this blog post are purely my opinion and are not intended to be substituted for medical help were needed. Consult with your doctor or medical practitioner before embarking on any exercise program.



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