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Rope Climb
Rope climb at Crossfit Werdenberg. Photo Credit Tino Porzel

The short- and long-term impacts of exercise on our bodies and minds can be the pathway to building more self trust and confidence.

If you think back to your last workout or the last time that you were physically active, through your chosen activity, I am sure you will agree with me that it felt great.

There may have been moments when you said to yourself “Gosh, when is this going to be over?” or “This is the best ever!” If the former was more true for you, soon after your heart rate settled and you took that post workout sip of water, the feelings changed to a sense of accomplishment. Perhaps you even gave yourself a pat on the back.

Impact of exercise on your mental health

The benefits of exercising are not limited to the physical realm. Think of that confidence boost after a good workout. By you having put in your efforts, you have been able to improve your mood and energy levels almost instantly. This feeling can be attributed to no one else but you. You may possibly have been led by an instructor or trainer, but the applied effort came from you.

Measuring your progress

Management thinker, Perter Drucker said,” If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”.

Measuring our performance helps our brains to “see” the facts from a rational, data driven point of view. We cannot argue with hard evidence that we gather from ourselves. For example, at the start of a fitness regime you were not able to do one full body push up and 8 weeks later you can do 10 in a row. The fact is that your strength and ability to do push-ups improved, you have the measure to support this. This can be a confidence booster and have you asking yourself, what else can I do?

Clarity and building trust within yourself

We are often told that if something is troubling you or if you are on the fence about a decision, we should sleep over it. To add to this, I would say workout over it. A good workout can help slow down the constant thoughts and activity that goes on in our heads. This can help provide more clarity when it comes to decision making. When we make decisions that we are fully comfortable with, as well as take full responsibility for, it builds more trust within ourselves and this is a sure confidence booster.

Compounding effect on confidence

This one only works if you consistently follow through with your workout regime or plan. Exercising and all its benefits have a compound effect. Every minute that you are active adds up. Just because you are not able to spare a whole hour at one go, does not mean that you do not reap the benefits. Thirty minutes in the morning, a fifteen-minute brisk walk after lunch and quick fifteen minute full body routine in the evening equals and hour.

We are so busy with the business of life that taking care of ourselves through physical activity can take a back burner. What we should realize is that by taking care of our health, we will be in a better place physically and mentally to handle what life throws at us.

Which ever activity you chose to do, enjoy it and continue building trust and confidence in yourself and your abilities.

The opinions stated in this blog post are purely my opinion and are not intended to be substituted for medical help were needed.

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