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Half time.

The first half of 2020 has been extraordinary to say the least.

With the outbreak of COVID 19, protest in the US and worldwide over injustices and my own personal challenges, I cannot help but wonder what the second half will bring.

In every situation, there is an opportunity for learning, for growth and in this post, I will share some of mine.

What I learned during lock down.

The human spirit of kindness and compassion shines bright during times of crisis. One of my favorite quotes by James Allen sums up this point well “Circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him to himself”.

Stories emerged of acts of kindness all over the world helping the more vulnerable in society. Stories of helping keep each other safe.

My own passion for health and fitness took a major leap. I hosted virtual group workouts as a way of staying connected when lock down first started. Over 12 weeks I trained with 178 People in 15 different countries. I literally counted everyone that joined across the various platforms. It meant so much to me.

There are things that I have wanted to do that I kept putting off for fear of what people would think about me, procrastination, or whatever reason. This unprecedented first half of the year has me thinking differently.

I took up virtual Yoga classes, now going on 3 months with no intention to stop soon. I started a podcast to share more on my passion for fitness, health and personal development.

Anything to carry forward?

As human beings we will make mistakes, we will not always get it right. What is important is how we come out at the other side. We are put on this earth to experience life for the wonderful gift that it is. Acts of kindness and inspiration are happening all around us daily and when we focus on the positive and share it, we can only create more of it.

I would be interested to hear what you learned about yourself during this time and what you will carry forward.

Until next time take care of yourselves and of each other.

The views expressed in this post are my personal opinion.

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